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Art Project “Dummy for the Night” for the international Night of Museums 2013.

We are sure that one of the main and necessary conditions of creative searches of the professional artists is the possibility to reflect on actual subjects and express their opinion freely. The participants in the project have been given the interesting task – to show in art works the gap between true and false human values, true heroes and media substitutes, sincere and ostentatious reactions.

In actual information field it is easy to consider “true” what in reality has no value. Not only images, heroes and subjects but also the artists’ skills often substitute with another false something which like a rubber dummy brings no real food to a baby. Beautiful conceptions of contemporary art, recondite words often hide emptiness.

The participants in the projects: Katya Penzina, Alexander Grekov, Maxim Titov, Rustam Ismagilov, Maria Sergucheva, Ivan Snigirev, Katerina Poedinshikova, Kirill Borodin, Igor Vishnya, Vladimir Kravtsev.

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