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The Ural Artist Victoriya Pitirimova Shares Her Own View of Reality

Personal exhibition of the artist Victoriya Pitirimova (Chelyabinsk) «Perspectives of Reality» has opened at the Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art 19th February. The project is supported by the Sinara Group.

The exhibition includes paintings, unique graphic arts, prints, art objects and glass collages. The viewers would be impressed by creative approach to the exhibition space and to its decoration with light and colour, volumes and textures, paintings and pieces of graphic art. The project consists of series of artworks «The House» «The Water Line», «The Khazar Dictionary» and «The Park». All of these artworks are executed in various media and artistic manners.

The project «Perspectives of Reality» is retrospective in terms of presenting Victoriya Pitirimova’s art. It demonstrates her search for own artistic style from 1998 to present. The artist does not simply observe reality in their work, but peers into reality using her own way of seeing it to discover hidden meanings in common things. Victoriya Pitirimova’s artistic world is pure from the daily turmoils, on the contrary, it is filled with the notion of the significance of moments of life.

Victoriya Pitirimova is well-known in Russian art world as well as internationally. Being the Member of the Union of Artists in Russia, laureate of numerous prestigious artistic forums and biennales, the artist aims to achieve the perfection of form and content. The peculiarity of Pitirimova’s art consists in the way in which she interprets the subjects of her artworks. This approach allows discovering special symbolic meanings in the artworks.

The exhibition is open from 19 February to 10 March at the Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art. Address: Yekaterinburg, 32 Krasnoarmeyskaya str. Tel.: 8 (343) 350-22-00, 358-99-96.

Exhibition 12+

Admission tickets: 200 rubles (adults); 100 rubles (concession: students and retired). Attendance with the City Pass card.


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