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Посылать свет в глубину человеческого сердца - вот назначение художника.
Р. Шуман


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fragrances and photo…”Perfumer”

Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art in cooperation with art-centre “Perinnye ryady” and Demeter Fragrance Library are glad to present photo-project “Perfumer”, which was exhibited in Saint Petersburg in spring 2015.

Project “Informal conversation”

The project of Igor Shurov and Nikolai Fedoreev, two artists who belong to Undeground culture. The exhibition “Informal conversation” shows artworks that were presented only at the first experimental exhibition “Surikov 31” in 1887.

Formula of landscape. Ural. Volga river. Crimea

Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art presented an exhibition by an outstanding engraver and painter Nikolay Cherkasov. The exhibition was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the birth of the artist. The exhibition presented 40 artworks.

Dreams and fantasies. video installations by a famous French new media artist, Lauren Pernot.

Yekaterinburg gallery of Modern Art featured “Meet the Artist” event and presentation of video installations by a famous French new media artist, Lauren Pernot

Don Quixote and something else…”

Yekaterinburg viewers saw a series of the famous Ural artist for the first time, who combined the plot and original fiction in surprising way. The exhibition with an intriguing title featured more than 40 art works of Vladimir Safronov, who is known as a painter, muralist, talented illustrator of a great number of kids’ books and poetry collections.

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