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Ural Transavantgarde Artworks are First Exhibited in Geneva 

The conceptual art-project «NO CONFORMISM» is displayed at the Swiss gallery «D10 Art Space» (Geneva) from 5 March to 5 April 2019. Supported by the Sinara Group, the exhibition includes artworks from the Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art and private collections.

The exhibition combines 43 artworks produced by the most influential representatives of this remarkable aesthetic phenomenon broadly referred to as «Ural Transavantgarde». This art movement originated in mid-1980s during the complex and controversial period, when the Ural region has been overcoming socio-cultural isolation. It is not surprising that exactly at this period of «cultural liberation» artistic scene of the region developed an active interest in the new forms of aesthetic: conceptualism, Soviet Pop Art (Sots art), elements of Pop art and diverse variations of postmodernism. The exhibition presents artworks of the leaders of the Ural Transavantgarde, such as Nikolay Fedoreev, Valery D’yachenko, Vladimir Zhukov, Valery Goncharov, Igor Shurov. These artists were the first in the Ural to create art groups and to initiate exhibitions «free of jury».

The main purpose of the conception of this art-project is to unite the pieces of distinct styles created by the Ural artists of different generations. All these artworks, however, convey common artistic principles, which are oriented on the development of new areas in art and on overcoming of the ideological stereotypes and aesthetic clichés. Among the authors of these are Sergey Laushkin, Anton Taksis, Stanislav Rikshkovovets, Veniamin Stepanov, Nikolay Mitsev, Lev Karnaukhov, Victor Reutov and Irina Kosolapova.
The exhibition «NO CONFORMISM» also aims to present the artworks of young transavantgarde artists. Series of art-residences, the first of which would take place in the beginning of March, will host the participants of this art-project in France.
































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